Friday, January 20, 2012

Spring/Summer Wish List ♡

I thought I would do a post about the new Spring/Summer styles I like that are/will be out in stores soon and deserve a look.  All the bright colors and patterns are really getting me excited for warmer weather :)  Good thing I live in Cleveland then, because we have a massive snow storm headed our way, lol.

The Gap
I LOVE blazers and fell in love with this pink one from the Gap.  It also comes in lime green (ew - I can't see that one being flattering on anybody) and red.  I used to be a huge Gap fan, but for the past few years I have felt like all their clothes look the same.  It seems like they pick new colors and re-release them as a new line the next season.  For example, I have a cable knit sweater from them that I have managed to re-buy every year since 2005, just in a different color.  Clearly this is evidence that I was a big fan!  I've also noticed that the prices have skyrocketed but quality has definitely dropped.  You have to be really careful about what you buy from them.  A lot of their lighter-weight products don't wash well and tend to lose their shape within an hour or two of putting it on.
I thought I would toss this pic in too, also from the Gap.  What on earth was their design team thinking??? I have seen better dressed mechanics :)  Did they fall and bump their head, magically transporting them to 1975?  I don't know.  But jumpsuits are unflattering on their own, without being constructed completely out of denim and adding in an elastic waist.  The yellow oxfords are cute, though ;)

J. Crew

Colored denim has really grown on me lately.  I just purchased a fuchsia pair from New York & Company, and they are quite cute on.  This super bright yellow pair is from J. Crew.  I'm a huge fan of their general style, but my financial situation is less than accommodating to $125 ballet flats and $289 trench coats.  They do have some really good deals in the sale section, so I always head straight to the back any time I go in.  Plus all of their clothing is very high quality.  I am always willing to spend a bit more on something if I know it will last me a long time.

Francesca's Collection

I can always count on Francesca's Collection boutique to have the most adorable dresses and fantastic jewelry and purses in stock.  There is one 10 minutes from my house so I tend to stop in there once or twice a month.  Unfortunately for me, the dresses are geared towards shorter girls I guess, because they all tend to hit me right below the crotch (I'm 5'10", so those are pretty short :( ).  Call me modest, but I do enjoy being able to sit down and bend over without my fanny being out for the world to see :)


H&M uses computer generated models on their website.  This one is creepy ☝ The dress is cute, but looks pretty short.  Probably requires a try-on.  My H&M doesn't always carry what other H&M's do, so I hope we get this dress.  Mine carries a lot less women's clothing now that they have a children's section :( boo

This dress looks cute, too.  Much cuter with the belt.
I actually wear legitimate glasses, but I think my frames are a bit too small for my face.  I have an appointment in February, so I think I'm going to look for similar frames to these ones.  Nerdy chic!

I have seen this style of bag at a lot of different stores and have been wanting to pick one up. This H&M bag is $35, which is a bit expensive for this brand, so I'll wait till they mark it down to $5 or $7.

The bust of this dress has a bow on it, which is hard to see in this picture.  I am going to need a dress for my niece's baptism in May and this one might be the winner.  If I start saving for it now, I'll be able to afford it by May...of 2015... Definitely overpriced considering most of Anthro's products are made with as little fabric as possible and look like they might fall apart in the wash.  I do like the style, though, which is why I like browsing around the store.  They always have the stores decorated in such neat ways, too, so I like to get ideas for decorating my bedroom.

I really like the lace detailing on the sleeves.

Cute bobby pins.  I have pretty long hair so I enjoy buying hair accessories.  I could probably make these - these were $28 >:( 
Cute bow necklace, probably available at H&M or Francesca's.  Probably Target, too.

I thought these were cute as well, but I have little patience for bangle bracelets.  They are too loud and annoy me when they bang on my desk and keyboard at work.


I'm a big fan of ASOS.  They have really cute jewelry that is always reasonably priced.  The clothing is cute too, but I am wary of ordering clothing online when I am not familiar with their sizing.  I ordered a shirt from ASOS back when they first started shipping to the US and it got lost in the mail.  Three months later it arrived on my doorstep looking a bit worse for wear.  Customer Service was amazing when I contacted them.  They tried to find the package, but eventually refunded my money because it had gotten lost.  I would be a bit hesitant to order from them again, but it seems like business has picked up here in the states and their delivery is more reliable now.
$8.95 - adorable

I can wear this if I ever get the chance to visit France!

I've always wanted a snake bracelet :)

An idea for a future post would be all of the absolutely horrible looking clothing that I came across when doing my online window shopping.  Some of it was actually laughable.  It's hard to believe what some people will purchase!

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  1. Francesca's bracelets are really nice!


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