Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Mall Kind of Morning ♡

It was snowing (as usual) and generally gross (again, as usual) this morning so I decided to finally make that trip to the mall that I've been planning for the past 2 weeks.  I even managed to get out of bed by 9:30 so I could beat the mid-afternoon rush.

I only picked up a few things - I've been trying to save money lately because I want to get an iPad soon.  I'm also trying to save up enough money so that I can move out on my own.  Chances are I could probably afford to live on my own right now in an apartment, but I really want to live in a house.  I love being able to lounge around my yard in the summer, and I really want to be able to have my own garden :)  For this to happen I really need to bunker down and STOP spending so much money.  I've gotten better at buying fewer clothes that I really don't need, but my habit is still a bit out of control.  

The mall by my house has just about anything you can imagine, so it's hard to not go in every single store.  I made a stop in Forever 21 and picked up a few pretty necklaces.  The long beaded one was $4.80, but the other 3 were only $2.80.  They were definitely a steal!  I know they aren't exactly high quality, and they probably won't last very long, but I couldn't pass them up.  They will look cute with so many different outfits.

I also stopped in the Gap to check out the pink blazer that I had seen on their website.  After trying it on and seeing that it was almost completely polyester (yuck) and not as cute as I was hoping, I decided to pass.  I had a 30% off coupon so I used it on this cute sweater dress.  It's heavy enough that I can wear it now with a pair of tights, and in the spring time as well.

My last stop was at Sephora where I finally picked up some Clean On Me shower gel.  I fell in love with Soap & Glory after using Hand Food and I've been dying to try some of their other products.  Unfortunately the Sephora by my house doesn't carry a large range of their products, but I did manage to find this.  I can't wait to use it!

My camera decided to break this morning, so I was only able to get a half-way decent pic of the Clean On Me using my iPhone camera :(  Oh well...

On to an exciting night of nail painting and cupcake making!  I'll post some pics of the cupcakes if they turn out alright

x Nicole x

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