Sunday, January 22, 2012

Harvey Prince - Eau Flirt ♡

I was going through my box of old Birchbox samples this morning and came across a sample of Harvey Prince's Eau Flirt perfume.  I love perfume and realized that I never tried this one out, so I decided to give it a go today.  

The scent is described as "top notes of sweet lavender and a cocktail of bright citrus, followed by a mingling of feminine florals freesia, ylang ylang, and jasmine. Delicate spices and warm nighttime amber offer a graceful balanced flourish".  I definitely smell the lavender hints mixed with citrus and jamsine.  It's a really delicate and feminine scent, which I think would be perfect for summertime.  Had I tried this out earlier, I may have asked for it for Christmas.  Unfortunately I did not :(  I did get Miss Dior Cherie, though, which I'm not sure I like as much as I want to like.  A bit of buyer's remorse, I suppose.

Eau Flirt also apparently has notes of pumpkin pie, which I'm not smelling.  I thought that was a strange addition, but their website says that lavender and pumpkin pie are "shown to evoke a more passionate response in men than any other smell" and are believed to be associated with "happy, positive and stimulating memories"...?  I will have to keep my eyes open today for any out-of-the-ordinary responses from men, haha.

All in all, this perfume gets a thumbs up!  It's a light, happy scent that reminds me of warmer weather :)  It's also only $55 for the full sized bottle, which is a good price I think, considering that most other full-sized perfumes can be upwards of $70!!
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  1. Thanks for following! Returned the favour - keep up the good work. I looove Miss Dior Cherie but I do think it's a bit of an acquired taste! 


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