Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lazy Sunday ☀

Sunday is one of my least favorite days of the week because I know I have to go to work the next day, but today was a really nice, relaxing day.  I went to the grocery store with my mom and then did some reading when we got home.

The weather was really nice today, too, so my parents, my sister and I took my niece for her first stroll through the park.  We went to the North Chagrin Reservation which is part of the Cleveland MetroParks system of nature preserves throughout the suburbs of Cleveland.  It's my absolute favorite place in Cleveland. I took some pictures with Instagram. The first one's my favorite :)

The one nature center at the park houses 4 owls and 2 sugar gliders (flying squirrels) that were found injured in the wild.  They rehabilitate the animals which, unfortunately, are not able to be re-released into the wild. They have one barred owl, two screech owls (one has only one eye :( ), and one horned owl.
This is my favorite place to go, especially in the summer.  It's quiet, peaceful, and it makes you feel like you are out in the country.  The Chagrin River runs through parts of the park and there are places where the water is only ankle deep and you can wade all the way across.  There's even an old castle where you can have picnics and go hiking through the woods.  It's not really a castle - it was built by a wealthy businessman as a gatehouse to a larger estate that was never built.  His wife died suddenly and he was too distraught to complete the project :(

I love when I have an easy and relaxing Sunday.  I feel like it always prepares me for the week ahead!  Hopefully everyone else had a nice weekend!


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  1. Aw this looks like a lovely day! I love owls! x


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