Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Earring Holders ♡

I love crafting and creating new things from scratch.  I like to fancy myself a mini-Martha Stewart (aside from, you know, the whole insider trading, prison scandal thingy).  My earring collection had gotten a bit out of hand and I could never find a cute jewelry holder or box where I could keep all my earrings sorted, so I decided to make my own! I like to troll through Etsy.com occasionally to get ideas from other arts-and-crafters and I saw a really cute idea for an earring holder made from an old picture frame.  After a few minor adjustments of my own, this was the result:

I just downloaded Instagram, so I was playing around with the different effects :) And I somehow managed to smudge mascara on the fabric, right in the middle, so you can just ignore that :D
 This was actually really simple to make.  You can use any picture frame you want, which is great if you happen to have some extras lying around the house.    These are also a great use for any extra scraps of fabric you might have.

Once you remove the glass from the frame, you are going to want to glue the fabric to the back insert.  I glued it to the backside of the insert so it didn't stain the fabric on the outside facing part.  It might even fit tight enough when you go to close it up that you won't need to glue it.

For the strips that hold the earrings, I used some 1/4 inch thick foam that I found at JoAnn Fabrics.  You'll want to measure it long enough so that it can glue to the inside of the frame.  For the slits, I used an exacto knife.  

Once you have glued the strips in, close up the back of the frame, and voila!  You're all done.  Below is my second attempt, which I think is much cuter :)

I'm in love with Instagram!
Here is another shot of the second frame - a bit easier to see.  

I leave you with a bit of love for my girl Martha and Snoop D - O - Double Gizzle :)

Much love,



  1. This is such a good idea! It looks so pretty too, the frames are lovely x

  2. love the idea and the whole post (the martha stewart references made me laugh)



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