Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello Dry Hair. Meet My Best Friend, Coconut Oil ♡

This may seem a bit weird, but my favorite hair care product is actually a cooking ingredient.  I have always had dry, coarse hair that no matter how hard I tried never looked pretty or healthy.  I'm sure it doesn't help that I fry it out till kingdom come with straightening and curling irons.  My ceaseless split ends can attest to that.  

About a year ago, an Indian woman that my mom works with mentioned that she uses coconut oil on her skin and hair to keep it moisturized and soft.  Supposedly this is common in Indian culture (or so I have been told).  She gave my mom a bottle to try and I have been hooked ever since.  

In its regular state, it is a cloudy white paste, but becomes liquidy when warmed up.  I always apply it to my hair right out of the shower.  My hair is really long, so I use a dime-sized amount and it works like a charm.  For shorter hair, I would suggest using less because it will leave your hair looking really greasy if you use too much.  Something else to note is that you CANNOT let your hair air dry.  I always straighten it or curl it.  I put it on my hair one night and didn't have time to do my hair the next morning.  Yuck!  It looked like I hadn't showered in a week or two.  

The oil definitely doesn't smell like coconut, which I thought was weird, so you will definitely be able to smell it in your hair.  But all that is worth it because it makes my hair so soft and so smooth!  I have tried a million deep conditioners and nothing has ever worked as well as coconut oil.  

I use Parachute brand coconut oil.  Apparently you can buy it in Middle Eastern and Indian specialty food stores, and you can most certainly buy it online.

It looks like The Body Shop offers a product called Coconut Oil Hair Shine.
Walgreens, Sally Beauty Supply, and other drug stores offer a wide range of coconut oil hair treatments as well.  I've only ever used Parachute though, so I can't offer a review on any of these other products.  Organix is a pretty prominent brand so their's might be worth a try.

Hopefully you will be willing to give it a try :)

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